Who and Why


Having grown up in and around the Launceston Cataract Gorge his whole life, Barry Larter had a dream to experience more of what the Gorge has to offer. As low-level pedestrian access was limited within the Gorge, the Larter family created a unique solution in 1972: the Gorge Scenic Chairlift. Over the past 50 years, it has become one of Tasmania’s premier tourist attractions.


Today, the chairlift continues to offer locals and tourists a rare perspective of some of Launceston’s most stunning scenery. Nonetheless, the Gorge’s growth has created the need for another solution. In response to this, the same family has been working together to create a new vision for the 21st century: the Launceston Skyway. This contemporary concept will be inclusive of everyone, regardless of age, fitness or mobility, can be enjoyed in all seasons, and is so unique it will be just the third of its kind in the world.


Fittingly, the Skyway has many of the same goals as the chairlift, but it will be better suited to the modern-day tourist. It will improve accessibility within the Gorge for young families and people who are older or with disabilities and will be an immersive and memorable experience for everyone.


Passengers will be able to travel to over areas of the Gorge and Trevallyn Reserve that are currently not accessible or completely isolated – and all from an entirely new perspective. The increased accessibility year-round will open up the area to new markets, creating new opportunities, not just for the Gorge, but for all of Launceston and its surrounds.