Environmentally Responsible

The Skyway has been designed to ensure it has no emissions and will have minimal impact on your favourite Gorge activities, such as walking, swimming or picnicking use.


As preserving the current Gorge is imperative, the developers wanted to create accurate illustrations of what the Skyway will look like. To create points of reference for the drawings, they set up helium balloons to the maximum height of the pylons. In doing this, they found that there will be limited visibility of these pylons.

Minimal footprint

A significant amount of time and resources have been devoted to ensuring the Skyway structures have minimal environmental impact on the Gorge and its surrounds. The proposed layout will minimise the number of pylons required, so the structural footprint remains low. The main station and entrance will sit outside the boundary of the reserve to further reduce the footprint on the area.

Minimal impact on flora & fauna

It is essential that the Skyway has little impact on its surroundings. The environment has been carefully considered in the design and placement of each structure. The designers and developers explored many pylon positions so that the final concept preserves as much flora as possible.

The Launceston Skyway will have minimal impact on the animals in the area. They will be free to move around the pylons and stations.

Detachable cabins

At the end of each day or when cabins are not needed, they will be removed and stored out of sight in the main station building.