Enhanced Experience

All-weather experience

Your plans to enjoy the Gorge will never need to be hindered by bad weather again. The enclosed glass gondolas will allow everyone to experience the magic of the Gorge in every season, from misty winter mornings to the summer sunshine reflecting on the river.

Each cabin carries up to eight adults.

Spectacular views

Visitors can photograph the South Esk River in full flood, unspoiled scenery on clear summer days and the spectacular Tasmanian flora and fauna throughout each season. Keep an eye out for everywhere you can explore on foot.

The Skyway will allow visitors on a limited timeframe to be captivated by a large portion of the Gorge in less time than it takes to walk.

An activity for everyone

The Skyway will ensure there is something for everyone at the Cataract Gorge – from adventurous walks and swimming to floating above the area with no impact on the activities below.

Immerse yourself in all of the sights the area has to offer in the safety of a fully-enclosed cabin.

Unseen perspectives

There are many sights to see at ground level, but various lookouts and walks at the Gorge and Trevallyn Reserve are inaccessible to many. The Skyway will provide previously unseen views you may otherwise never see.

Where else can you feel the sensation of being suspended over one of Launceston’s most scenic areas?

The new entrance will create a sense of arrival to what is one of Launceston’s most iconic attractions. Inside the building, you will find the gondolas to take you above the Gorge and a gift shop where tourists can purchase local products to take home and share with the world.