An experience for everyone

Everyone will be able to experience the Launceston Cataract Gorge’s spectacular scenery, from young families to people of all ages, fitness, mobility or disability – they will all be able to enjoy the unique perspective of the Gorge and Trevallyn Reserve.

Safe family environment

You will step into a secure gondola in the station at an extremely low speed of 0.15 metres per second. Each cabin will hold up to eight adults and will be fully enclosed so all passengers will be able to enjoy the 360 degree view safely.

The Launceston Cataract Gorge has many scenic look-outs, but none like this. The new platform will create a unique meeting area that will be accessible to all ages and mobility levels seven days a week.

Cabin accessibility

As each cabin enters the station. It will slow to make it easy for everyone to enter and exit the gondolas. Seats in the cabin can be lifted to make it easily accessible for prams and mobility aids. The doors will be 900mm wide for pram and wheelchair access